Thursday, February 5, 2009

why I love doctors!!!!!!

Don’t you love how every time you see a doctor you have to fill out the same information? I have seen about ten different doctors that all are affiliated with Lourdes Hospital and every time I see them I have to fill out the same paper work that I filled out last time. Come on don’t you think that they can just look it up in the computer; they can do it for our blood test. I also hate to carry my M.R.I’s around why in the hell can’t they put them on a C.D. or a disk? Each sheet is 20 by 20 and I can’t fold them up or anything. The paper work that I fill out is all the same age, sex, social securely number, address ect. I also love how you have to wait 45 minutes to a hour to see a doctor and they see you for about 2 minutes, I know how they fucking doctor is busy because they have to have a free lunch with the pill companies, then call other doctors to set up the tee time and the golf course god I do not know how they have time to fit they sick people in.

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