Sunday, January 18, 2009

My life My Pain My Feet.

Um what do I have to say about what has happen to the Booth. Well This past Feb 3 (Super Sunday) I woke up with some extreme pain in my right knee so much that I could bend it. I when to work and on my lunch break I downed a half a bottle of pain killers set my alarm clock and feel asleep. After a hour of rest and pain killers it was no better. After work I when to a Super Bowl party where I only stay to the end of the 1st quarter due to the pain. I want home and to bed. The next day I woke to the shock of my life and that is the pain is gone from the knee and has moved to the left ankle. I stayed off my leg for the next month or so because of the pain. I went to the Doctor and they just told me that I am having a flair up of my Gout. After a month or so the pain would go down to were I would be able to go to work yet that would be all I could do because by the time I would be half way done with the shift I would start to fell the pain and at the end of it my feet would be done and it would take me about 15 minutes to get to my car and then when I got there I would have to sit for a little bit just so that the pain would go down and I would be able to drive home. Day after day I would take a whole bottle of pain killer to work and finish it off by the end of the shift. The pain got so much sometimes I would not know how I would be able to go on. Sometimes I would sit on my knees and put eggs and juice so that I would be able to rest my ankles. Now you are asking me why I would not take leave of work and rest my feet and that is because I love to work and I love to help people. I waited as long as I could to go on leave. Now that I am on leave I have been to the doctors and they have not any more luck to finding what is wrong with me. This past week the doctor had be do a Vitamin D test to find out that I am very very low. The normal person has a between 30-80 I am at 8 so yeah that is low. I am take Vitamin D pills and I hope that is over with. I nor the Doctor think that this is the answer but who knows.